Corner of Kapiolani BLVD and Ward Ave. Just 10 mins from Waikiki. Happy Hour: 4 - 6pm  Dinner: 5:00 - 9:00pm Complimentary Valet Parking   (808) 592-8881

Atthe heart of Viaggio

Is a unique culinary journey of Italian inspiration and Hawaiian flair.

DiscoverOur Story

Ultimate dining experience like no other
Viaggio means to journey or travel in Italian, and the creators of VIAGGIO embrace the notion that life is a journey and their goal is to provide a culinary tour of the senses for a fine dining experience not to be forgotten.

From the Mediterranean waters of southern Italy with its bountiful seafood, to the fertile lands of the north famed for its delicious risottos, the menu takes us on a mouth-watering Viaggio (journey) through the rich and diverse legacy of Italian inspired cuisine, artfully infused with the fresh and unique flavors of Hawaii. Inspired by the romance of an afternoon in Venice, the breathtaking landscapes of Sicily and the spectacular coastlines of Hawaii.

Now the Journey is Yours

At Viaggio we will awaken all your senses with an exceptional dining adventure. We will delight you with the sights, sounds, flavors and textures of an elegant and vibrant modern Italy, as well as the unspoiled natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

Buon Appetito and enjoy your journey… Viaggio.










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